Sokolis Group Fleet Fuel Management

Sokolis Group can help fleet managers save millions when purchasing diesel for fleet use. Our management systems have brought savings from 5 cents to 40 cents per gallon on diesel prices. We also understand that a successful fuel management program is about more than just a fleet discount. We review all the factors that affect your fleet fuel program and optimize each variable so that you are getting the lowest possible diesel prices.  

When reviewing a fleet management program, we do a comprehensive audit of your current fleet spending and the trends in diesel fuel market prices, as well as other variables. Sokolis Group performs this complete analysis to best plan your fuel purchases and design the highest quality diesel purchase program. This information helps us create a strategic sourcing plan to ensure the lowest possible prices.

Most companies with fleets do not take the time or have the resources to analyze their diesel purchases in depth. We focus only on fleet fuel management and currently manage more than 300 million gallons of diesel. We know where companies of any size need to be purchasing fuel. We can help you build a fuel network that fits your fleet’s needs.

Strategic sourcing management has helped our clients:

• Reduce costs on purchases
• Lower margins paid to diesel vendors
• Improve fleet management
• Eliminate vendor overpayment
• Streamline back-office operations

Sokolis Group has the experience you need to lower your fuel costs. Let us take the wheel. Give us a month’s worth of fuel purchases and we will find a way to improve your bottom line.