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Clients Realized Over $500 Million in Fuel Savings

Since 2003, Sokolis Group has helped fleet managers across the nation save more than $500 million on fuel costs. Through hard work and a sterling reputation, we've become a leader in the fleet fuel management industry. From Fortune 500 companies to private trucking firms, our record in providing savings and service remains unmatched in the marketplace.

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A Fleet Managers Guide to Planning For Fuel Supply Disruption

Emergency Preparedness:

A Fleet Managers Guide to Planning For Fuel Supply Disruption

Don't be caught off guard by a disruption in the fuel supply. Part of a fleet manager's job is to be ready when the unexpected strikes. That's why we've created this planning guide to help you prepare for disasters and interruptions to the fuel supply. Inside, you'll find information on how to respond to weather emergencies and other calamities, and how to leverage your network to get service when local disasters affect supply or delivery.

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Comprehensive Fuel Management

  • Optimizing Purchases and Delivery Methods
  • Negotiating Vendor Pricing
  • Auditing Transactions for Accuracy
  • Preventing Potential Theft/Fraud
  • Implementing Unbiased Fuel Card Solutions
  • Providing Customized Management Reports

“I had no idea how much savings could be realized until...”

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