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Karen Sholders

Account Manager

Karen’s career of more than 20 years has been spent making sure clients are more than just satisfied. Before joining Sokolis Group, she worked as an accountant with one of the largest private companies in the Northeast, where she did fuel audits, fleet management, and fuel card management for a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. Her fuel audit functions included reducing idle times and spend management.

Her expertise and experience includes managing customer service and accounts receivable for a nationwide mobile fueling company with more than $500 million in revenue and clients in more than 30 states. Karen has processed millions of fueling transactions throughout her career, and has interacted with companies like Comdata, Wright Express, and other fuel card providers. She has handled fuel cards, card locks, mobile fueling, direct bills, and third party vendors’ transactions. She always keeps in mind that the customer must be satisfied and comfortable with the data they receive.

Karen holds a BS from Albright College and a computer networking certificate from the Chubb Institute.


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