Why Sokolis?

Purchasing fuel for your fleet ad-hoc is not cost-effective. Fuel vendors want you to believe you are getting the best discount, but are you? Most companies are unable to look at fuel purchases and determine if they could have been handled better. It can leave you questioning: Did I get the price I should have? What did I save on that transaction? And most importantly, how can I manage this process to ensure the drivers in my fleet are making the right choice?

Take a moment to review your current fuel management strategy. There are five questions you should ask yourself regarding your fleet buying program.

  • When was the last time I reviewed my fuel discounts?
  • Has the amount of fuel that my company purchases grown?
  • Does my current fuel supplier provide a quality, safe, and friendly environment for my drivers and my equipment?
  • Am I being billed properly for my fuel purchases?
  • Am I purchasing fuel where there is the best tax advantage?

We can help you answer these questions. Since 2003, Sokolis has demonstrated outstanding service, integrity, and an ability to save millions of dollars for partners. This makes us the leading fuel management company in the country. 

Through our management system, savings have ranged from 5 to 40 cents per gallon on diesel prices. Strategic sourcing fuel management has helped our clients:

• Reduce costs for purchases
• Lower margins paid to diesel vendors
• Improve fleet management
• Eliminate vendor overpayments 
• Streamline back-office operations

How We Find Fuel Savings

Network Utilization

Do you know which of your drivers are fueling in your fuel network and which drivers are not? We can implement a weekly or monthly monitoring system to analyze the effective use of your fuel network. This allows you to address issues with drivers in a timely fashion. Reviewing each transaction ensures the promised price is billed and can also help eliminate theft.


We can compare your fueling operations with other companies your size and analyze a broad base of data sources such as routes, gallons purchased, fleet size and miles driven.  This allows Sokolis Group to make decisions based on the best available data.

Analysis and Reporting

The best decisions are made with up-to-date information and every company is unique in how they view data. Our customized, comprehensive executive reports allow you to make decisions based on what’s relevant today.

Sokolis Group has the experience you need to lower your fuel costs. Let us take the wheel. Give us a month’s worth of fuel purchases and we'll find a way to improve your bottom line.

Take Fuel Problems Off Your Plate