Go Green and Save Green

When December comes around it’s all about holiday cheer for most people, and even here at Sokolis Group we spread the joy. Green is our favorite color. Whether it’s our company’s Ford Fusion Hybrid car, or putting up an artificial tree at our office and even homes, we like being green. The environment is important, and we try to be proactive in making it a priority to have a carbon free footprint.

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Checking it Twice!

Tired of not having the time to check more into those fleet fuel invoices? Are you just signing off on them to get them off your desk? You really should be checking them twice! What about those fuel taxes that you are being charged on those fleet fuel invoices; are they correct? There are countless deferred and non-deferred fuel taxes in the U.S. that change based on where you purchased the fleet fuel, how you transported it, what type you purchased, and where it was delivered. So how are you reconciling your fuel supplier invoices to ensure they invoiced the correct taxes?

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The Twelve Days of Sokolis Group Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve fleet fuel management employees,
Eleven fleet fueling locations,
Ten fuel managers in need
Nine alternative fuel products,
Eight fuel buying buyers
Seven fleet fuel auditors.
Six fuel dispensing islands,
Five fuel consulting experts,
Four mobile fleet fueling companies,
Three Fleet Fuel planning programs,
Two fleet fueling cards,
And a fuel management company for me

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Delivery Companies, not Santa Clause, Are Coming to Town with Good Fuel Management

As turkeys around the world that survived the Thanksgiving holiday breathe a gobble of relief, consumers take a big gulp as they wonder how they’ll do all, if any, holiday shopping. While it would be nice if a big fat man in red delivered our wish list for being good, we know unfortunately that’s not the case. So how do all the holiday gifts to straight to your door?

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