Card Management Quick-Fixes

iStock_000005311196_Small.jpgIt’s very easy to get sidetracked while multitasking and letting an unrecorded fuel card update pass by that sparks an endless string of errors in the transaction data. Sokolis Group Fuel Management is here to step in to manage a company’s fuel cards by maintaining the data to keep the reporting clean with the most current changes. Inaccurate records create inaccurate reporting, and one small slip-up could cause a lengthy process of unweaving an erroneous web stemming all the way back to the root of the problem.

Let Sokolis Group Fuel Management flex our specialized muscle of experience and expertise to help manage the fuel cards for your fleet of diesel trucks. With the assistance of the proven staff at Sokolis Group Fuel Management, card management would no longer be a tedious task and it would reduce the risk of creating a domino effect all from one missed change/update that negatively affects reported data.

The first step that would be taken in the correction process would be to establish a strong communication with your internal team or your field of company locations. An effective chain of communication is essential and produces excellent results in cleaning up transaction data with regular updates being provided and applied.

Please see a brief listing of several quick-fix ideas to help improve the accuracy of a diesel fuel fleet’s transaction data that Sokolis Group Fuel Management has used with some of our other clients:

  • Driver Cards – fuel cards that are assigned to specific drivers
  • Driver Pools – a listing (location-specific or company-wide) consisting of all drivers, where any driver not listed wouldn’t be authorized for purchases
  • Unit Cards – fuel cards that are strictly issued to a specified unit (labeled on the face of the card)
  • Unit Pools – a listing (location-specific or company-wide) containing all of the valid units that are authorized for fueling, where any unauthorized unit number entered would be declined (commonly used for mobile fueling)

Regardless of the situation, Sokolis Group Fuel Management is available to help with all of your diesel fueling needs (fuel, fuel additive, fuel audits, fuel cards, fuel consulting, etc.).


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