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Fleet Managers Forced to Delay Driver Pay Increases?

A recent study suggests that most fleet companies have continued to steer away from raising their drivers pay this year. This is mainly due to the US economy of course, but it’s not all bad news. About 80% of those carrier/fleet owners are expecting that they will have to raise pay as the economy recovers.

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Fleet Fuel Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Are You Sure About That?

In fleet fueling there are many ways your employees can steal fuel from you. Most companies truly believe, it can’t happen to me. There theory is we have someone that spot checks that information sometimes. Our drivers make good money they would never risk losing their jobs. Why would anyone want to steal from us, we take care of our employees. When it comes to fleet fuel the fuel is liquid cash when it comes to stealing. Everyone would like to believe they know their employees well enough to think that person won’t steal but it happens.

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Are You Fueling Good Today?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised its vehicle testing procedures in 2006 to help better reflect how people really drive in current conditions. The way you drive any vehicle affects how much fleet fuel you use, if you didn’t know. These new testing methods – whose results took effect with the 2008 model year – include factors such as high speeds, quick accelerations, air conditioning use and driving in cold temperatures. All of these items done incorrectly will cause your fuel management program havoc.

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Maintenance and Fuel, Whats the connection?

“Get your oil changed every 3000 miles” I can hear that clear as day from my late teens, it was my dad, drilling the most basic car maintenance and fuel management routine that a non fuel consulting expert can do. Right? Little did I know there was a lot more I could’ve done and still be doing to expand my fuel mileage out of my midsize SUV, and with prices these days it’ll feel like I have a fuel consulting expert in the passenger seat.

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Santa Does Fuel Management

Ok, not exactly but let me tell you a story. The other day this fuel consultant was asked to be Santa Claus for a family reunion. Without thinking much about that day, I said sure, why not. I thought quickly in my head, I never played Santa Claus and playing in front of 20 kids under the age of 14 years old sounds like fuel, I mean fun. Fleet fuel and fun, you readers know I sometimes get the two confused. Anyway, as the day came closer, I started to think ‘what bigger role could you play but good old Saint Nick’. As one of the leading national fuel consulting companies in the country, I am asked a lot to guest speak and every time it is an honor and pleasure, please keep asking. I reflected, yes talking fleet fueling, fuel management and fleet fuel card planning to hundreds of people is rewarding and hopefully for them educational. What about being Santa and listening to all of their hopes, dreams and things they want. A few wrong words and you could really mess with a kids mind while playing Santa. Maybe I over thought the idea or maybe not (probably over thought it because well that’s Glen Sokolis), I guess we won’t know. As I put the red suit on it was exciting. Not the kind of excitement I get when Sokolis Group signs a new fuel management client but a different kind of excitement.

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Delivery Companies, not Santa Clause, Are Coming to Town with Good Fuel Management

As turkeys around the world that survived the Thanksgiving holiday breathe a gobble of relief, consumers take a big gulp as they wonder how they’ll do all, if any, holiday shopping. While it would be nice if a big fat man in red delivered our wish list for being good, we know unfortunately that’s not the case. So how do all the holiday gifts to straight to your door?

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Knowing People in the Social Network, Good Fuel U?

In 1999 a new word was added to the dictionary according to that word was ‘blog’. Notably word ‘network’ has been around since the 1530’s. What happens when those two worlds come together? We get even newer words like Facebook, LinkedIn and while Twitter is not a new word, there is a new meaning. All these network applications are here for us to keep up with the ever changing pace of your respective business.

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