Diesel Dips as Gas Rises

Diesel fell for the first time in 10 weeks, dipping half a cent to $4.142 a gallon, while gasoline rose for the 10th straight week. Gas gained 2.3 cents to $3.941 a gallon, its 14th increase in 15 weeks. The diesel drop — which was just the second in the past 13 weeks — leaves trucking’s main fuel 16.6 cents over than the same week last year. Gasoline is 25.7 cents higher than a year ago. The only other diesel decline since early January was a 0.6-cent dip on Jan. 23. Since then, diesel has risen a cumulative 35.9 cents at the pump. Gasoline has jumped a cumulative 71.2 cents since mid-December, falling in only one week, a 0.2-cent dip on Jan. 23.

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