Diesel Exhaust Fluid Management

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Management, Big Savings For Big Company

The second largest car and truck battery manufacturer and a long time fuel management client of Sokolis Group, ran into an issue and wasn’t sure how to handle it.

East Penn Manufacturing, the maker of some of the most famous battery names had just received a new order of trucks. The trucks were ready to be put into operation when they realized that they needed a solution for diesel exhaust fluid.

The issue wasn’t that they could find it, the issues were:

  • What is the right price should we be paying for DEF
  • Which was the best mode to distribute it to their trucks, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes
  • How do they manage and track their consumption of DEF

As their fleets need were going to be changing with more new trucks, how do they make adjustments for purchasing, inventory, consumption

As we had done with their fuel purchasing program, we put a strategic approach together to help solve their needs with minimal trouble for their fleet maintenance manager. E. Penn, VP of Finance David Byrne said, “The Sokolis Group has definitely saved us a significant amount of money with very little effort on our part.”

We provide a very unique service for our clients with DEF such as:

  • Simple order and check, balance for the managers
  • Audit of DEF that has been used compare to projection
  • Continued competitive DEF price reduction as usage increases

Without diesel exhaust fluid for newer trucks, the truck is unable to run. The last thing you want is to miscalculate your usage and have no inventory on hand. Don’t worry! Check we have you!

Complimentary fuel audit, click here or call 267-482-6155.

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