Diesel Fuel Prices Fall 2.8¢ to $3.721 in Fifth Decline

Diesel fuel prices fell for a fifth straight week, dropping 2.8 cents to $3.721 a gallon, while gas prices also slipped for a fifth week, the Department of Energy said Tuesday. This has made fleet fueling prices a lot cheaper than they were at the start of September.

Gas prices falling 1.6 cents to $3.417 a gallon.

Both diesel fuel prices and gas prices are at their lowest levels since late February, when diesel fuel averaged $3.716 and gas was at $3.383, DOE figures showed.

Diesel fuel prices have fallen 14.7 cents in the past five weeks and are now 40.3 cents below the year’s high of $4.124, set in early May for this fleet fuel making fleet manager happy and fuel management budgets a little bit better on the eye.

Despite the recent declines, diesel fuel prices are still 65.5 cents higher than the same week last year. Gas prices are 59.8 cents over a year ago. Despite the lack of high fuel card amounts being generate recently, fleet fueling prices still have a fair amount to fall before we were at last years level.

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