Diesel Jumps and Vaults Past $4 a Gallon

Diesel fuel prices jumped 9.1 cents to $4.051, the first time it has topped $4 since November and the highest price since May. Gasoline fuel prices soared 13 cents to $3.721 a gallon in the largest weekly increase in nearly a year. Diesel’s seventh increase in eight weeks left it 33.5 cents over the same week last year. Gasoline is now 33.8 cents higher than a year ago after its ninth gain in 10 weeks. Diesel has posted a net gain of 26.8 cents in the past two months, following a cumulative drop of 22.7 cents in six weeks before that. Gasoline has gained a cumulative 49.2 cents in the past 10 weeks. Monday, February 27th’s diesel price is the highest since it was $4.061 last May 16. Diesel topped $4 just once after May last year, when its national average was $4.01 on Nov. 21.

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