Do You E-ZPass?

For most of you frequent travelers I’m sure you are familiar with E-ZPass. It’s an easier, faster, more efficient way of paying tolls. Instead of having to stop, get exact change and wait in line you can cruise by going 15mph, or in some cases keep going the speed limit without even slowing down. The benefits of having this device are great. It saves you time, and makes it more convenient not having to carry exact change.

I recently received a letter like most Pennsylvania E-ZPass users did, notifying us that the PA Turnpike will double the annual service fee for E-ZPass transponders effective January 1, 2011. The fee is increasing from $3 to $6, which is the first increase since the turnpike first adopted the system in 2000. The Turnpike is saying this is a necessary increase due to the rising costs of administering the program.

However, the letter wasn’t all bad news. The other news we received is that tolls will be increasing on that same date by 10% to cash customers, but only 3% to us E-ZPass users. While increase itself isn’t a good thing, it just adds another benefit to using the device. This will surely save you the $3 increase in the transponder fee, and depending on how often you travel probably much more than the $6 you pay per year. For you other state E-ZPass users, I advise you look into any changes your state has endured.

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