Does Your Fuel Card or Fleet Card Make You Feel Secure

If your fleet companies operation fuel card or fleet card makes you feel secure, think again. We have talked about this before but station skimming is happening at fueling locations like your local card lock or gas station.

The business of skimming is a device put on a fueling card reader. These devises depending on how suficicanted they are read your fuel cards or fleet cards data as well as the PINs. After a few hours at a locations the fueling thieves have the info. They are able to make “white fuel cards” to use your fueling card to steal fuel from you. Are you fuel auditing your fleet fueling transactions? If not diesel fuel or gas could be getting stolen from you. No fleet companies operations wants that anytime, let alone when diesel fuel prices are at these levels.

How can your fleet management stop this from happening to your fuel management system?

  • Make your drivers aware, when using their fuel card or fleet card at the pump to look closely at the device. If something looks odd, have them tell the fueling attended.
  • Do fuel audits on all of your fueling transactions that you receive from your fleet credit card, fuel credit card or fuel card that you are using.
  • As part of your fleet management make sure you set up as tight as possible parameters on you fleet card or fuel card. Limit the fueling transactions, lower the amounts can be charged on your fleet credit card. Have your fleet credit card supplier send you warning emails if your fleet cards parameter have been exposed.

These techiniques will let the fuel saving stay in your fuel management program and not in the hands of the people trying fuel thefts.

Does your fleet management solutions have these plans as part of your program. Ever think outsourced fuel management could provide big fuel savings? Think again.

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