Fleet Fuel; Diesel Fuel, Gas and Crude Oil WILD 2 Years

When it comes to fuel management, looking at your past sometimes (not always) helps to predict what the future might bring. Let’s look back two years ago and compare it with today. The fuel prices from August 2007 are very similar to what they are today. Would that really tell you the whole story?

No, no way! What a crazy world of fuel prices we have had and will continue to have. Look at it this way. The market was crazy for many reasons. Do you see these reasons changing? Do you see the growth in China or India going away? They use fuel too.

We think if you thought the last two years were nuts, the next two may not be as nuts but you better pay close attention to fleet fuel prices or your fuel management will go up in smoke.

Fast Fact of Fuel Price

  • Crude oil goes up 205% over 11 months
  • Crude oil falls from $147 to $48 in 19 weeks
  • Gas prices go from $1.95 to $3.53 in 11 months without taxes
  • Gas price dive from $3.53 to 75 cents in 22 weeks without taxes
  • Diesel fuel skyrockets from $1.98 to $4.09 in 11 months without taxes. We all recall this number being well over $5.00 a gallon with tax in some parts of the country.
  • Diesel fuel plummets from $4.09 to $1.22 in 20 weeks without taxes

Of course we are back to what we had two years ago. Do you know where things are going to go? If you think the numbers above look crazy, you should look at them per month or even better by day. It makes your fuel mind spin.

We never know what is going to happen next, your best bet is always to have a well managed fleet fuel program, with fuel experts helping make sure your fuel plan is set.

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