Fleet Fueling “fees”

As winter months approach be cautious of “fees” appearing on your fuel invoices.
Fees fall into several categories: surcharges, fuel service fee, not to forget the “other” category. These “fees” should not to be confused with state or local taxes.

Fuel additives are not a fee but the cost of an additional product added to your fuel to keep it from gelling in colder weather. A fuel additive is generally blended from the period of October through March depending on your region.

Manage your fuel costs. As a fuel customer, ask your fuel vendor for explanation of these fees. Follow and calculate the fee rate.

“Fees” can add up to big dollars that you really shouldn’t be paying. It is just padded cost to increase your fuel vendors margins.

If you not sure, drop me an email at jgottlieb@sokolisgroup.com , I will do what I can to help you out. Without Fuel Consulting people watching your fuel program like us, those little “fees’ can turn into a big fuel management program and bloated fuel expense line.

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