Food & Beverage Company With Six Figure Fuel Savings

When the countries 2nd largest Wine & Spirits Company realized their specialty was on-time distribution of wine and spirits and not fuel management they called Sokolis Group. Guy Griffith, VP of Operations said, “Our managers are so busy with day to day activities that the purchase of fuel is understandably not the top priority to us.”

The staff at Sokolis Group didn’t make it their top priority but they did make them more focuses on diesel fuel prices. Several new fuel savings programs were put into place that included mobile fueling in several markets. When a company is paying 2 people in a truck to make deliveries, having a fuel tank of diesel fuel to start the day really saves on drivers wages.

All of their bulk fuel purchases where being bought through different fueling suppliers, with focus and fuel management, RNDC was able to take advantage of their aggregated fuel buying.

Through a focused fuel management program, fuel saving have been close to a half million dollars a year. Griffith said, “With Sokolis Group our managers concentrate more on day to day operations and leave the fuel management to the experts.”

Strategic fuel management, check!

Fuel savings, check!

Open communications to managers to achieve higher standards, check!

“We have one of the top fuel management program solutions in the country and its complete management on an outsourced basis to Sokolis Group and we are 100% happy. Sokolis Group is our fuel department,” Griffith said.

Complimentary fuel audit, click here or call 267-482-6155.

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