Fuel Additive Program for the Winter

Headlines of a major newspaper today were, “Long-range forecast suggest a colder and snowier one than usual.” The fuel information below is right on time.

There are plenty of fuel additives on the market today that are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of diesel fuel. How do you know which fuel additive company to use? Sokolis Group has vast knowledge on this information and relationships with fuel additive products. Diesel fuel is popular among those who care about the environment, because it produces fewer emissions than traditional fossil fuel. It can also be produced from a wide variety of renewable resources, such as vegetable oil and soybeans. Because diesel fuel can be made from so many different things, its quality varies accordingly. However, if you use the right fuel additives, you can achieve peak performance from your fuel every time.

Use a fuel additive that will help prevent the formation of sludge and corrosion on your engine. This kind of additive is appropriate for any kind of diesel engine. When your engine is free of sludge and corrosion, its operation will be extended.

Keep a fuel additive around that will prevent the formation of wax crystals in cold weather. All diesel fuel is susceptible to waxing, and those pesky crystals can clog up your engine. Once the temperatures starts dropping to 40 or 30 degrees F, you must begin mixing this fuel additive into your fuel. So before the weather drops colder in your location, contact Sokolis Group today. We can help you find the best fuel additive product for your company and keep your engines running.

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