Fuel Costs Top List of Concerns for Fleet Managers

A recent survey conducted by Today’s Fleet Leadership, surveyed over 380 fleet managers and found fuel costs were at the top of the list of concerns. Over 40% of the fleet managers rank increasing diesel fuel cost as their number one concern. Of those fleet managers, saving money on fuel consumptions through reducing usage outweighed only 8% of the fleet managers concerned by identifying and cutting emissions as their top concern.

From the CFO level on down most organizations understand that fueling cost is a major lever in their financial success. For most it’s the uncertainty of where diesel fuel prices will go and having little control of where they do go. Others it’s trying to control the factors that they can control like driver performance, routing and idle reduction. Even these measures when done very well are difficult to cut into fuel prices increasing by 50 cents.

Surprisingly fuel-saving initiatives like those mentioned above had not been implemented by over 37% of the fleet managers in the past 12 months. As with some many positions within all industries, the fleet manager has more and more thrown on his plate without a lot of help to execute those things that could save the company a lot of money to the bottom line.

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