Fuel Prices: Dec 23, 2008

Yes, we head into the biggest holiday of the year and the economy is bad. Real bad. Not a day goes by that you don’t read about this company laying off 1,000 people or that company laying 5,000 people. Toyota for the first time in its 70 year history is reporting an operating loss.

The good news is we are only paying $1.50 -$1.80 a gallon for gas nationwide and diesel is another 50-75 cents more expensive. Could you imagine what it would be like for you or your company today if you had to fill up and it was $4.059 a gallon for gas or $5.10 a gallon for diesel. Life would be that much worse.

This blog is set up to help provide fuel advice on buying fueling, fuel questions and other fuel related questions. Its mainly for businesses that have fleets of trucks but we will try and field all questions.

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