Fueling Program Saves $300,000 On Diesel Fuel Purchases Per Year

Cardinal Health, Fortune 20, wanted to reduce their diesel fuel prices and improve their fuel information. They had been purchasing all of their diesel fuel at a large national truck leasing company. While they were being charged fairly competitive diesel fuel prices from the leasing company, Cardinal thought they could reduce out of route miles, save time and improve their fuel savings by going to truck stops.

Cardinal wanted Sokolis Group to find them a fuel card or fleet card that would allow them to lower their diesel fuel prices with controls and process.

The fueling network of truck stops and card locks has since allowed Cardinal drivers to reduce out of route miles and increase how much fuel they buy during each fill up, which has led to improved fueling savings. They can still use their lease provider for diesel fuel when needed. We provide the fleet managers with several easy-to-read reports on how well their branch, and fleet department is doing.

Scott Claus, Director at Cardinal Health says “we have more information today on our fuel purchases than ever before, and this has allowed us better controls and better plan for our consumption and financial reporting.”

With the new fuel cards and processes management in place, the company saves over $300,000 a year in just fuel savings. Additionally, the fuel management of out of routes miles and expanded network of fueling location has allowed for additional labor fuel savings.

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