How Do You Know?

My kids who are 17, 14 and 9 years old always tell me that they know this or they know that, but in reality they don’t know anything. Do you have kids like that? How can a 14 year old have the knowledge and life experiences of a 46 year old man. They don’t.

Do you have anyone or have you met anyone that knows something about everything, but really knows just enough to be in a conversation, but not enough to truly add real solid input.

My view is most companies fuel management programs are just like this. Why?

No one likes to admit that something that is part of their job is really over their head. So you won’t have a fleet manager or CFO saying I don’t understand fuel cards, diesel fuel rebate programs, point of sale purchases, because they feel they will lose the respect of their company.

It was refreshing to be at a potential clients offices a couple of weeks ago and for the fleet manager to say, hey we know trucking. We have always done the best we could with diesel fuel prices, but fuel is not our core product, we are not fuel experts like you are.

My question to you is simple, how do you know? Is your fuel management program, strategic sourcing of fuel, diesel fuel buying, fuel card, mobile fueling, bulk fuel really the best it could be for your company or can you be SAVING $100,000 a MONTH like a recent client is starting to realize since they brought us in.

You probably need help! Heck, I know you need help! Give us a call and we will help 267-482-6159 or The Home of Fuel Management!

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