Not All Fuel Discounts Are Created Equal

iStock_000037336778_Small.jpgThere’s a lot more to managing fuel then just a discount. Fuel vendors want you to believe you are getting the best price possible. In most cases, a customer has no idea how they compare to another company buying the similar amount of gallons. Truth be told. Every company’s fuel buying program can be improved. Sokolis Group manages over 300 million gallons of diesel fuel. We know where a company of your size needs to be buying at.

Fuel purchasing is not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you save. Sokolis Group finds that most companies do not take the time or have the resources to analyze their fuel purchases by transaction. They are unable to look at each purchase and determine if it could have been made somewhere cheaper. Did I get the price I should have? What did I save on that transaction? And most importantly, how can I manage this process to ensure my drivers are making the right choice?

Five questions you should ask yourself regarding your fuel buying program.

  1. When was the last time I reviewed my discounts?
  2. Has my company grown the amount of fuel purchased?
  3. Does my current supplier provide a quality, safe and friendly environment for my drivers and my equipment?
  4. Am I being billed properly through my fuel card and my fuel vendor?
  5. Am I purchasing fuel where there is the best tax advantage?

The answer to these questions is probably no because you don’t have the time.

Sokolis Group specializes in managing those processes for you.

We review your discounts and negotiate on your behalf.

Why is that important?

Know the fuel market. We have the data that allows us to know where you should be buying and what your purchases deserve for discounts.

Build your fuel network for you. Take into consideration variables like local taxes, non-refundable taxes, State taxes, driver safety and fuel quality. Fueling anywhere is just not cost effective. Build a fuel network that serves your unique needs.

Network Utilization. Do you know what drivers are fueling in your fuel network and which drivers are not? Monitor weekly or monthly analysis to effectively utilize your fuel network. Address issues with drivers on a timely basis.

Fraud Management. By reviewing each transaction you will ensure the promised price is billed. The amount of errors by fuel card companies and fuel suppliers may surprise you. Monitoring all driver purchases can help to eliminate theft.

Benchmarking. Compare your fueling operations with other companies your size. Use a broad base of data to routes, gallons purchased, fleet size, miles driven for best results.

Analysis and Reporting. The best decisions are made with timely information and each company is unique in how they want to view their data. With customized comprehensive Executive reports, you are making decisions on what’s relative today.

In today’s competitive landscape, companies want to focus on improving efficiencies and cutting costs wherever possible. Our services can provide both by managing your fuel program. Give us a months’ worth of fuel purchases and we’ll find a way to improve your bottom line.


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