Outsourcing Fuel Management

It certainly seems that “outsourcing” is the buzzword these days across most industries. Fleet fuel management is no exception. If you are the president, finance or operations manager, or even fuel manager at a fleet company, you should know that now is the time to outsource your fuel management. I’m not talking about outsourcing to a company located out of this country in India or China, but to a fuel management team of experts located just outside of Philadelphia. Sokolis Group was founded by Glen Sokolis, a fuel industry expert who has focused on diesel fuel prices, fuel cards, mobile fueling and overall fuel management in almost every aspect of the business for over 20 years.

As you know, fuel is a significant cost to almost every operation that has vehicles. For some fleet companies it’s a necessary evil to get their product to market. Through the human capital supply chain in most companies a CFO or COO has the ultimate responsibility for fleet management but that gets layered down to directors, fleet managers or someone named Beth who has been signing off on fueling invoices for years. She looks at the diesel fuel price, looks at the taxes, checks to see if it adds up and if it does, all is good with the company’s fuel management system! Is it? Is it really? What is she comparing the diesel fuel prices to? How does she know what the correct taxes are? Hmm. Interesting. Do YOU have the answers? Or, even the time to find out? Sokolis Group has both – answers and time. Let us help you, and Beth.

Our clients are more than pleasantly surprised when we are able to decipher their fuel management inefficiencies and bring clarity to the situation. Some didn’t even know how many gallons each one of their locations purchased. We’ve had clients who started out with no controls on their fuel cards, or just a few, but they weren’t the most optimal. Then there were other clients that had too many different fuel cards to begin with. When we presented a reduction in fuel pricing for most — they thought it was pie in the sky. But weren’t they happy it turned out to be true. And Beth, she’s always been a good worker and might be our liaison, but now she has much more time to do the things she is really good at for your company.

How about getting help with cost cutting measures? Wouldn’t it be great to capture fuel savings of 5-15 cents per gallon or more? You bet. Outsourcing your fuel management makes it possible. Sokolis Group has seasoned industry experts, best practices, proven fuel management systems and hundreds of key contacts in the fuel industry. We have a proven track record of helping our clients with forecasting, procurement, logistics and financial reconciliation that brings their fuel management to a whole new level. We’ve worked hard to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Here’s what some of them have said about us:

“They have definitely saved us a significant amount of money and time with little effort on our part.”

“They have been instrumental to our fuel management program and strategy.”

“Their diligence and focus on details has reduced our costs and enabled our fleet managers to concentrate on day to day responsibilities.”

Sokolis Group maintains effective outsourced fuel management arrangement with numerous Top 500 fleets that understand the importance of having a team of fueling experts working for them. We have the ability to negotiate long term fueling supply contracts, fuel card and fleet card fees, match your company’s special needs and conditions and bundle that to provide fuel savings beyond what almost any company can achieve on its own. We are able to aggregate our purchasing power of over 300 million gallons a year to make sure even our smallest of clients can get a good fuel buying deal.

Additionally, our fuel management systems can audit invoices, verify price quotes, resolve billing issues and provide transparency from fleet managers to CFO. Is that something you can get out of a box or with a person lacking experience, knowledge or time? No way. Depending on your fleet management operation your diesel fuel costs are somewhere between number 1 to 7 on your expense line. Is the money being spent on diesel fuel prices without having your full arms around it? Not if you’re with Sokolis Group.

On the topic of money, I know you’re curious about outsourcing and what it must cost to have a centralized staff of fuel industry professionals working for you. What if I told you that our clients actually realize fuel savings that are 3 to 8 times the monthly amount they pay for our services? Nice to know, isn’t it? There is never a question about the value. Outsourcing is definitely worth it.

Find out for yourself. Make a significant impact today and outsource your fuel management. Let our team of fuel experts give you a competitive advantage while reducing your financial risk. Feel confident that Sokolis Group can provide your company with a custom fleet management program and ultimately increase your fuel savings. Are you fueling good? No? Don’t see a doctor; call the Sokolis Group at 267-482-6155. Or reach out directly to Conor Proud, Account Manager at 267-482-6159 or via e-mail at cproud@SokolisGroup.com.

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