The Pump- August

Have you noticed the tax changes in your state? Both diesel and gasoline taxes were changed (mostly increased) in ten states effective July 1, 2013. The obvious reason for this seems to be the growing concern for the deteriorating roads and bridges across the country and the lack of additional funding coming from the federal government. I can’t speak for other states, but living in Pennsylvania we have the largest percentage of structurally deficient bridges. Our roads aren’t that much better with all the snow and salt that gets thrown on them. States have now taken it upon themselves to increase taxes to pay for these costs.

In Connecticut diesel rose 3.7 cents, while gas gained 4 cents per gallon. Nebraska had a small increase in only 1.7 cents while North Carolina had an even smaller increase of just .01 cents. Maryland and Virginia are now charging sales taxes. The losing state was California with a decrease of a penny and Wyoming was the winner with the largest increase-10 cents per gallon!

All joking aside these will make big differences in the ability for fleets to operate; whether you feel the changes are good or bad. The economy is still moving slowly, and fuel prices have been on the rise. While Sokolis Group can’t control taxes, or even the ups and downs of the fuel market, we can control that fuel margin and help you drive savings to your bottom line. Call me 267-482-6159 to discuss where an opportunity could be in your fuel program.

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