The Pump – February 2014

What a letdown for the Super Bowl! I really expected this game to be one of the best; but unless you were a Seahawks fan, it was pretty painful to watch. The matchup was the #1 offense vs. the #1 defense. Well, if we learned anything, I guess defense really does win championships.

You can relate that to your fuel program as well. A great defense will win you a successful fuel program. Sounds cheesy, but think about it. If you’re auditing (defending) your fuel purchases, you’re eliminating the ability for theft/fraud (an offense) to take money away from you. If you’re not at least auditing your transactions, then you could be hit on your blind side.

We understand that savings will always be the “sexy” part of a fuel program. The best way to accomplish that is to negotiate discounts with vendors you’ll be using. However, it’s not a simple set-and-forget system. Fuel is a daily traded commodity. With that comes peaks and valleys, or price changes. It would be easy to track if you agreed on a price of $3.99 and all you had to do was look down the line of transactions to make sure that was the price. There are many obstacles/blocks you must move around to be successful. Auditing is the way to win.

With that being said, do you have the tools, people, and time necessary to accomplish it: OPIS, taxes, freight, employees, conferences, knowledge? If you’re missing any of those, then maybe you’re not protected as well as you should be. We’ll work with your current employees to setup a game plan and get the job done.

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