Up 4.8 Cents Diesel Fuel Prices May Go Higher

Diesel fuel prices national average rose for a second week, up 4.8 cents to $3.868 a gallon, while gas prices gained 4.7 cents to $3.674, the Department of Energy said Tuesday.

Diesel fuel price upturn over the last two weeks — it rose a penny past week — followed five consecutive declines. This has some industry observers feeling that fleet fueling costs could be ready for another fall run.

The price two weeks ago was the lowest since the $3.716 per-gallon price on Feb. 28. This week’s increase was the highest since a 4.9-cent rise in mid-July.

Gasoline’s increase, also the second straight, followed a 4.6-cent upturn, putting the two-week rise at 9.3 cents.

Diesel fuel prices are now 93.7 cents higher than the same week a year ago, while gas prices are 99.2 cents higher, DOE said following its weekly survey of fleet fueling locations.

Diesel is 25.6 cents below the year’s high of $4.124 set May 2, which was the highest national average price since August 2008. If the market can stay flat, Sokolis Group feels that its fuel management, fuel card and fuel auditing can save fleet manager’s time and money.

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