Using Synthetic Oil for your Fleet Management

To use synthetic or not, that is the question. I would say the answer is it depends on your fleets wants and needs. Like any product, over time it will or should get better just because of new technology and knowledge that comes along.

Synthetic is said to boost your fleet’s mpg up to 3%! That right there is enough to catch a fleet managers attention. Diesel fuel is always a large and important cost of any fleet fuel manager, and this lessens that cost and frequency of stopping. This is even more important as diesel fuel prices are continuing to rise.

Another quality that might have your fleet manager interested is the ease on start up. The oil is designed to keep your engine starting in temperatures ranging from below 22 degrees all the way up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. What this does for your fleet is keep maintenance costs down and lengthens equipment life. The lowest operation temperature for regular oil is said to be about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. That advantage for synthetic is not only about 37 degrees colder, but this also reduces stress on starters and batteries.

So like I said earlier the decision on whether or not synthetic is right for your fleet might depend on your situation. If your fleet operates in extremely cold or hot weather it seems to be an obvious choice to use synthetic oil. As far as boosting your miles per gallon it might need to be tested by your fleet to see if that holds true.

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