Winter Weather Worries

The weather has been regularly hitting frigid temperatures, and people more than ever before have contacted Sokolis Group Fuel Management for assistance with their fleet of trucks. Some were lucky enough to escape the grasp of Old Man Winter, whereas others unfortunately waited until they were backed into a corner and already had an issue caused by the polar vortex. Please remember that it’s always better to be prepared when entering the winter rather than gambling with the “on a wing and a prayer” approach toward tackling the grueling winter season and the possible hardships faced with diesel fuel.

Regardless of whether the fleet is receiving bulk shipments, serviced by a mobile fuel provider, or fueling over-the-road… there are always multiple options to explore instead of committing to the first idea that comes to mind. Sokolis Group Fuel Management is here to help ease the decision-making process to find the best-fitting method based upon the specific needs or requirements for each unique situation. Please see the bulleted list of some options that Sokolis Group Fuel Management prepared for our clients proper treatment of diesel fuel during winter:

  • Winter Blend – 80/20 diesel fuel (80% Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel #2, 20% Kerosene)
  • Winterized Diesel Fuel – Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel #2 treated by the supplier w/ winter additives
  • Fuel as normal, and purchase additional winter additives at over-the-road merchants for the drivers to use as needed
  • Fuel as normal, and place orders through Sokolis Group Fuel Management in order to receive discounted pricing on winter additives to have on-hand and readily available for fuel treatment

Of the options listed above, each one has served as an answer for at least one of our clients at Sokolis Group Fuel Management. A lot of different factors come into play when determining the direction taken to address winter fueling (budget, cost-efficiency, location, market, and many more).

Please feel free to contact Sokolis Group Fuel Management with questions or requests for additional information by visiting or calling the Sokolis Group Fuel Management office at 267.482.6155.

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