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Service is the cornerstone of Sokolis Group. If our fuel management service isn’t providing you savings, then we’re not doing our job.

With thousands of transactions and millions of dollars spent on fleet fueling, it’s vital that businesses analyze and report on the wealth of data provided by said transactions. Without a proper management service in place, thousands of dollars could be slipping through your company because fraud, shrinkage and other preventable factors.

With the Sokolis group and our suite of management services, your business can reduce your diesel usage and increase your savings. With options such as fleet fuel cards, bulk fueling and strategic sourcing to name a few, we’ll be able to keep your business’s tires on the pavement.                                                                                             

Take the Risk Out of Fuel Management

Not every company can afford to take on risk, especially when it comes to their overhead costs. That’s why investing in the proper fleet fuel and diesel management is imperative for your business. There’s no better way to ensure that a truck fleet can keep moving  than by analyizing, managing and reducing fuel costs.

Let the Sokolis Group remove the burden of risk. After learning more about our fleet fuel management services, sign up for our complimentary audit. With this test, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your current costs as well as potential opportunities for savings. Contact us today to learn more!




Complimentary Fuel Audit