Fleet Fuel Cards

A fleet fuel card functions like a credit card and allows fleet managers to observe, report and control their company’s diesel fuel and maintenance expenses while reducing cost and saving time. A fleet fuel card enables businesses to purchase diesel, gas and maintenance within a network of authorized merchants that provide information on each transaction, while a gas card’s sole purpose is to purchase fuel.

The Sokolis Group’s professional staff of experts can:

  • Provide guidance and non-bias information to ensure you choose the fleet card that is right for your business needs.
  • Register and set up your business with the card of your choice, helping to maximize benefits.
  • Handle maintenance needs. As new drivers start and old drivers leave, we work as your gatekeeper.
  • Make sure all of your diesel and gas price discounts are accounted for correctly.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the benefits of a fleet fuel card?

A card system managed by the Sokolis Group offers a number benefits, such as:

  • Manage your company’s fuel spend and maintenance expenses with timely detailed reporting
  • Save money by reducing fraudulent charges
  • Minimize paperwork
  • Track purchases by driver and vehicle
  • Manage, restrict and block purchases
  • View real-time transactions
  • Easily locate fueling locations
  • Reduced fees and increased savings
  • Dedicated customer service
How do these fleet cards work?

A fleet fuel card works like any other credit cards, but with the added customization you need to run your business.

You can customize your card(s) to fit your unique business needs. You can set purchase controls such as fuel grade, diesel only, transactions per day and gallons per transaction. You can even prevent non-fuel purchases and take control of your expenses.

What kind of control will I have?

You can restrict purchases to a particular kind of fuel or maintenance. You can even prevent convenience store purchases by limiting cards to “diesel purchases only”.

You can track purchases by driver or vehicle, limit purchases, require driver or vehicle codes for every purchase to minimize theft, and even set spending and usage limits for each card by day, week or cycle. Additionally, a fleet fuel card can be locked to pay at the pump only, providing your driver additional time savings.

What kind of reports are provided?

Fleet fuel cards offer enhanced reporting that show purchases by driver, vehicle, miles per gallon and more. It allows managers to track odometer readings so they can analyze purchases and usage. It also grants the ability to generate exception reports that flag unauthorized purchasing and monitors after-hours purchases, daily transactions and daily dollar amounts in real time.

You'll get customized reports based on your business needs that you can access online 24/7.

How can the Sokolis Group help?

While a good fleet manager may be able to handle many tasks, new projects and focus can pull them in a different direction. Without day-to-day management, things can get out of control quickly.

The Sokolis Group is able to watch your company’s back to ensure card maintenance is properly handled, possible theft is reviewed and additional discounts are put in place for the biggest savings.

With the Sokolis Group, you don't just get a person, you get a staff of experts with the tools needed for auditing, such as OPIS (Oil Price Information Services), as well as a roaster of long-term relationships with fuel card companies like Fuelman, Comdata, EFS and Wright Express.