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Fleet Fuel Management Support

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Good fleet management is vital to on-time delivery of goods, which means fleet managers keep track of a lot of details. From new industry technology, vehicle utilization, recruitment and training, to driver health and safety, it’s a full day.

Fleet managers are also being evaluated based on their ability to constantly improve the bottom line, which is why Sokolis Group works alongside you to help cut the cost of fueling your fleet.

With Sokolis Group, you'll be able to take advantage of a number of fleet manager support benefits, including:

  • Strategic sourcing, which involves benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification and network rationalization -- along with our clients' insights into their businesses -- to find fuel savings.  It's a process we use on fleets ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Mobile fueling, Is it right for you and can you save your business money by reducing idle times and cutting out-of-route miles? Sokolis Group can analyze your business and tell you if mobile fueling might provide a benefit.

  • Bulk fuel buying is convenient, but requires businesses to monitor several things: drivers' time, equipment upkeep, environmental and insurance regulation and the question of whether you're getting the best price on the days your tank needs to be filled.

Sokolis Group has designed its fleet fuel management services to streamline and maximize savings at every level of the fuel purchasing process.