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Our Commitment

Free Fuel Audit CTASokolis Group was founded around five core values that continue to shape our corporate culture and define our character as a fleet fuel consulting company. We remain true to these values in our behavior and decision making to provide win-win relationships to our clients.

  • Client Value Creation: We provide fuel savings programs and uncompromising customer service, while creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and consistently delivering value.

  • Best People: We attract, develop, and retain the best talent.
    We challenge our staff, demonstrate a can-do attitude, and build a mutually supportive team. 

  • Respect for the Individual: We foster a trusting, open environment and treat each person -- whether they are an employee, client, or vendor -- in a respectful and professional manner.

  • Integrity: We will inspire trust by being honest and transparent, match our behaviors to our words, and take responsibility for our actions.

  • Service: We respect others' time while providing constant, open communication so that everyone involved with a project or with a client's account moves in the same direction, toward the same goals.