6 Rules: How To Eat Right on the Job

Other than getting a good night’s sleep, there’s probably no other thing that impacts your productivity and mood at work more than what you eat. Yet you probably give little thought to what you consume before and during work, defaulting instead to what’s convenient, cheap, and tasty. And when you do think twice about what you eat, it’s usually in the context of a diet that’s focused on losing weight rather than improving your cognitive functioning and energy levels. Fortunately, there are a few basic food rules that go a long way towards achieving these latter goals. Here are the best of them.

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Going Green at Conferences

Sokolis Group values the importance of meetings and conferences. In this ever changing environment, we realize our habits need to change. Like many other top organizations, Sokolis Group is looking at ways to go “Green” in order to help reduce our ecological footprint. Conference Services has created this guide in the hopes of bringing awareness to our clients and to help make this world a better place for future generations.

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Low Risks; High Reward$

The National on-highway average price for diesel fuel was $3.069 at the end of April 12th. That’s the highest average since November 2008 and I don’t think any of us will forget what those months were like in 2008. Most reports indicate that prices are only on the rise even into 2011. Diesel will average somewhere around $2.98 this year, and $3.12 in 2011. In 2009 diesel prices averaged $2.46 per gallon!

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Fleet Fuel Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Are You Sure About That?

In fleet fueling there are many ways your employees can steal fuel from you. Most companies truly believe, it can’t happen to me. There theory is we have someone that spot checks that information sometimes. Our drivers make good money they would never risk losing their jobs. Why would anyone want to steal from us, we take care of our employees. When it comes to fleet fuel the fuel is liquid cash when it comes to stealing. Everyone would like to believe they know their employees well enough to think that person won’t steal but it happens.

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Are You Fueling Good Today?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised its vehicle testing procedures in 2006 to help better reflect how people really drive in current conditions. The way you drive any vehicle affects how much fleet fuel you use, if you didn’t know. These new testing methods – whose results took effect with the 2008 model year – include factors such as high speeds, quick accelerations, air conditioning use and driving in cold temperatures. All of these items done incorrectly will cause your fuel management program havoc.

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Powerful Management – Working More Effectively with Staff

  1. Encourage people to cooperate by using the word we – which suggests you will join the effort.
  2. Engage staff members fully in tasks by making sure they understand the difference between the “reason” for doing the task and the “purpose”.
  3. Follow this guideline for communicating with employees. The further apart you are in the hierarchy, the more you should speak with them personally.
  4. Remember how you treat your employees – your internal customers – can affect how they treat your external customers. If your employees are unhappy, they will become poor representatives of your organization
  5. Think “CPR” – continuous positive reinforcement – to keep a team going. Continuous means you delivery CPR every day, Positive Reinforcement is anything that encourages your employees
  6. Follow the brainstorming rule: “We’ll dismiss an idea only if the group can’t think of three ways to make it work
  7. Teach employees that when you reward them for reaching a goal – no matter how ambitious it was – they should immediately set a new one. This will help them see that their success – and the company’s success.
  8. Keep these delegation rules in mind: Delegate, but do not abdicate, dictate or hover. Make sure your supervise results, not the process.

At Sokolis Group we t try to treat all fuel management team players this way. We know if they feel good, then they will provide better fleet fueling consulting to our valued clients. What does your company do? Share your ideas with us and let us know what works best at your company.