Diesel Fuel Prices Are Falling, But Why?

It’s really hard to believe that diesel fuel prices and gas prices are falling, especially if your local gas station hasn’t lowered prices yet. Ok, I realize that MOST of us have not seen the lower fleet fueling prices at the pump yet. This is basically because most retail locations are taking their time lowering their prices—and your fueling costs. But yesterday, in the fairly small town where I live, the price for gas at a low-cost retail station was down to $3.93 a gallon. A half mile away it was $4.09 a gallon, and half mile in the other direction it was $4.19 a gallon. Knowing the fueling market as well as I do I recognize that even that low-cost retail station is making a nice margin. The others are knocking it out of the park, but that isn’t good for consumers. Keep watching, prices will drop down near you soon, fueling costs will get better, trust me.

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