Diesel Edges Up 0.2¢ to $3.85 a Gallon; Gasoline Gains a Nickel to $3.439

Diesel fuel rose two-tenths of a cent to $3.85 a gallon, its third increase in four weeks, while gasoline gained a nickel. Gas fuel rose to $3.439 a gallon marking its fifth increase in six weeks. Both fuels fell by less than a penny last week, with diesel fuel prices down 0.6 cent and gas down 0.2 cent. This week’s diesel uptick was just its third increase in the past 10 weeks. It had fallen for six straight weeks from late November through the start of the year. Trucking’s main fuel fell 22.7 cents in those six weeks. Through Monday, gasoline has cumulatively gained 21 cents in six weeks. Diesel fuel is now 41.2 cents over the same week last year, while gas is 33.8 cents over a year ago.

Diesel Dips 0.6¢ to $3.848 a Gallon

Diesel fuel prices fell less than a penny, dipping 0.6 cent to $3.848 a gallon, its first downturn in three weeks. Gasoline fuel prices also fell, slipping 0.2 cent to $3.389 a gallon, its first decline in five weeks. Diesel’s decline left its national average price 41.8 cents higher than the same week last year, while gas is 27.9 cents over a year ago. Trucking’s main fuel had gained 7.1 in the two previous weeks of declines, following a cumulative drop of 22.7 cents in six straight weekly declines. Gasoline had gained 16.2 cents in four straight increases prior to Monday. For more information on your fuel program and how you can save with Sokolis Group call 267-482-6159 and speak with Conor Proud.

Save Money Put A Diesel Fuel Tank In?

Most people and companies believe that their diesel fuel prices are going to be lower if they have a bulk tank. This might be true for straight fuel savings. It is certainly easier for a fleet manager to have his drivers put their fleet card in a fuel card reader at their home depot after they have paid lower diesel fuel prices.

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Winter Driving

Happy New Year! We begin 2012 for the most part with milder Winter driving conditions than we could have anticipated. But we know that Old Man Winter will tighten his icy grip before Spring arrives. As a professional driver, it is always your responsibility understand, plan for, and safely navigate winter driving conditions. Here are some reminders to help make it safer for you and those around you:

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Diesel Rises 4.5¢ to $3.828 in First Gain in Seven Weeks

Diesel fuel price rose 4.5 cents to $3.828 a gallon, its first increase in seven weeks, while gasoline fuel price jumped 8.3 cents for its third straight gain. Diesel fuel had dropped 22.7 cents in six straight declines prior to Monday, January 9th’s gain. Gasoline has increased 15.3 cents in three straight gains. The latest price leaves trucking’s main fuel 49.5 cents over same week last year, while gasoline is 29.3 cents higher than the same week a year ago. Are you auditing your purchases to make sure that you are getting the best deal on fuel? Give Sokolis Group a call at 267-482-6159 to find out how you can create and save on your fuel program today!

Let’s Talk More Fleet Fueling

Until a couple of weeks ago, who heard of the Straits of Hormuz. It sounds like some kind of love story. Well it’s not a love story it’s a 25 mile stretch of water that 20% of all the world’s oil goes through daily. Of course that wouldn’t be a big deal if it were in Iran. One of the United States favorite countries. At $100 a barrel right now, if Iran does close the Straits look to the sky for your diesel fuel prices. Right now it’s a game of chicken between the U.S. and Iran.

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