Diesel Fuel Prices Sloping?

Since the first weeks of May fuel has been plummeting. While this sounds good, and eventually it may be good for the economy amongst other things, are you actually paying less with your fleet? What we have seen here at Sokolis Group is much higher margins at gas stations and truck stops across the country. I’m talking 25-50 cent margins and closer to 75 in California. If you stop and think about it, does that make sense? When fuel is on a downward trend one would assume that means less money spent on fuel, and more in your pockets.

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Fuel Prices Fall on Economic Concerns

As the euro zones debt crisis drags on, many are concerning themselves with the future on the euro zone. But to many, Monday was quite possibly the first sighting of the light at the end of the tunnel. Oil prices dropped on Monday, as it was a relief to many that the rescue package could turn out well for the euro zone. The fear of Italy being the next country going “under the knife” due to the economic crisis in Europe is prominent among Spanish investors. On Saturday, the euro zone finance ministers got together and settled on lending Spain 100 billion euros, or $125 billion, to combat the harsh effects the crisis has had on banks.

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Fleet Fuel Prices Fall as Diesel Fuel and Gas Fall on Lower Crude Oil Prices

If your company buys diesel fuel or gas these fleet fuel prices have been looking pretty good for you for the past several weeks. Could they look better? Several oil commodities analysts believe you’re going to like what you see more in the next few months. There are many reasons why they feel this way since oil ended May with its largest monthly loss since December 2008. Europe’s debt crisis continues to look worse. The U.S jobs data was poor and increasing signs that an economic slowdown in China. All leads to extra oil.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluids Are You Ready?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid has become more and more of the trucking world’s life. Just a couple of years ago, who even heard of this stuff. Now, all of your major truck stops like Pilot Flying J, Love’s, Travel Centers of American and many other truck stops are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per location to be able to handle diesel exhaust fluid. Since all new trucks since 2010 with SRS technology must have diesel exhaust fluid to operate, it will almost be as popular at a truck stop as diesel fuel.

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Storms are Coming and Could Take Fleet Fueling Prices Higher

Hurricanes and tornadoes have been a regular focus on multiple occasions due to the magnitude of damage often produced, but more importantly the lack of preparedness many municipalities and facilities have for these events. Anytime a major storm or natural disaster strikes, you can be sure it will disturb thediesel fuel supply chainand fleet fueling prices will go higher. Increased diesel fuel prices under these types of conditions might be out of your control but often getting fuel supply is in your control. Which can become difficult during difficult situations like major storms?

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