Top 5 Fleet Fueling Tips

  1. Communication
  • Make everyone’s aware of what the goals are to you fuel program. Communicate often and report results always.
  • Review
    • Of current process, procedures and best in class fuel buying
  • Audit
    • All transactions and create a benchmark of current fuel margins
  • Understanding of the fuel business
    • Create the best means for your vehicles to be fueled. Negotiate deals, discounts and rebates off of an industry benchmark like Oil Price Information Service, OPIS
  • Fuel card
    • Choose the right card, set up proper parameters on fueling, audit all transaction to ensure pricing deals are being adhered too. Seek fueling credits if not.

    CFO’s #1 Concern Diesel Fuel Prices

    In an article recently in Inbound Logistics, CFO’s are still very concerned about diesel fuel prices and where they will go. I suspect given the recent ups and downs the market has had over the past couple of years, along with continued uncertainly there are challenges to be met. Depending on your type of company; trucking, food & beverage, private fleet or service fuel can represent more than 25% of fleet costs.

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    Diesel Fuel Prices Will Go Lower Still

    I spent an hour on the phone last week with one of the industry’s top futures specialist from a leading firm. Since we have clients that do work with them and I have known her for 15 years we talked about the oil market at length. Her view based upon their charts and continued Eurozone economic issues is that the market had support to go below $74.95 in the next coming weeks.

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