Fuel Cards in a “Cloud”

Well not all fuel cards will be in a “cloud” and “cloud” might be a little bit off but it’s close. Comdata has come out with a fuel card that you don’t even need a card to get the diesel fuel. The card-less transactions use an RFID tag to automate the fueling process, which should decrease the amount of time drivers spend at the fleet fueling island. More important this should reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by shutting off the pump when the truck pulls away.

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The Yo Yo of Diesel Fuel Prices

Diesel fuel prices looked reasonable a couple of weeks ago, for that matter so did gas prices. DOE diesel fuel prices were around $3.64 a gallon and looked like they would go lower still. What has changed not a lot really from 4 weeks ago when fleet fuel prices were lower. The best way to say it would be to say the little things have changed. Oil companies usually start to ramp up storage of diesel fuel in May. Since the diesel fuel prices in May were low they delayed doing so in case the market went lower.

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Where Are You Buying Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

If you’re a trucking company or private fleet that gets out over the road, your diesel exhaust fluid experience is going to be much different than others. The big truck stop guys are installing DEF lanes like crazy at their locations. At last check and this could be off by 1 or 2 at any of these truck stops, Pilot Flying J had 308 locations with DEF. Love’s Travel Stops had 150 locations with DEF. While Travel Centers of America Petro had 100 sites for diesel exhaust fluid with their new retro fit sites so the diesel fuel and DEF are right next to each other. In due time, within the next 6 months all of these chains would have at least 75% of their sites with diesel exhaust fluid but let’s say your trucks don’t really go onto the Interstates, how are you buying your DEF?

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