Fuel Management from a Finance Perspective

I recently joined Sokolis group and I’m very excited about the opportunity to work directly with our clients and prospects with their fleet fuel management programs. For the past 25 years, I’ve always been a finance guy in the back-office and enjoyed working with data. My career also included a number of years in the mobile fleet fueling industry. It was a great experience for me because there was plenty of data to look at; gallons, cents, miles, hours, etc. I prepared all kinds of analyze to help run the business and also helped clients understand what they were paying for fuel and where it was being used.

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Layup For Lower Fuel Prices

“It’s a layup for me to predict lower prices until Columbus Day weekend,” says Tom Kloza, Chief Oil Analyst for Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).

The national average for gas prices are down to $ blank until 9/30 DOE.

The national average for diesel fuel prices are $blank until 9/30 DOE. Read more on diesel fuel prices click

There are many reason why we are all paying less for gas at the pump.

  • Gasoline demand always drops after Labor Day and the summer driver season.
  • This year there is increased supply because overall demand has been down.
  • No major refinery issues, pipeline issues or hurricanes.
  • Clean air quality rules are relaxed in the winter time so refiners can switch to cheaper gas blends.

Right now is South Carolina drivers are paying under $3.11 a gallon according to Wright Express (WEX). Maybe there is hope we could all get under $3.00 a gallon?

Diesel fuel prices should remain flat occurring to most that follow them. Diesel supply is plentiful that the U.S. has some of it highest exports of diesel fuel ever.

U.S. demand for diesel fuel supply continues to remain strong. With crude oil pricing backing down over the last couple of weeks, we could experience a slight decrease before winter spikes with increased distillate demand for heating oil in the North East.