Not All Fuel Discounts Are Created Equal

iStock_000037336778_Small.jpgThere’s a lot more to managing fuel then just a discount. Fuel vendors want you to believe you are getting the best price possible. In most cases, a customer has no idea how they compare to another company buying the similar amount of gallons. Truth be told. Every company’s fuel buying program can be improved. Sokolis Group manages over 300 million gallons of diesel fuel. We know where a company of your size needs to be buying at.

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Fuel Taxes Taking a New Route?

As a CPA, I’ve been dealing with taxes for my entire career. To be honest, it’s a part of my job that I really don’t enjoy. There are so many different tax rates and so many inconsistencies when comparing different states, or even counties within the same state. Plus, taxes are always changing! For me, it’s a never-ending battle to stay on top of taxes, especially fuel taxes which are an important component of fleet fuel management.

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Which Way Will Diesel Fuel Go! Probably Several Ways!

I’m a diesel fuel price geek, what can I say. I make my living understanding this stuff. As I was preparing to write my annual projections on diesel fuel prices, I started to wonder, is there any trend that no one is talking about? The Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected 2014 to be $3.77 a gallon, but that was only a month after they predicted diesel fuel would be $3.73 a gallon. My guess, they will probably be wrong on both.

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Fleet Fueling Creatures

People are creatures of habit. We wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, stop at the same coffee shop etc. Fueling up our vehicles is no exception. We go to the same gas station, grab a lottery ticket, pump the gas and continue on with our lives without even stopping to think about it. But what if you did stop and think about the price of fuel? Are your drivers fueling at the lowest price station in your area? Could they be receiving a discount? Well, here at the Sokolis Group our team of fuel experts does that for you.

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