Delivery Fuel Audit Example of a Mobile Fuel Transactions

Mobile Fueling holds a labor cost savings value to customers that choose to use it. In many instances auditing these type of transactions internally in more difficult as the transactions may not process to the card vendor at time of delivery.

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Using the Same Fuel Card for Multiple Vehicles

During an odometer audit Sokolis Group will point out transactions that have the wrong odometer reading. There are many reasons an odometer could be wrong. Sometimes it’s as simple as a typo. But what if the odometer reading is completely wrong. We have found that this is possibly a result of a driver or drivers using the same card for multiple units. It is important to keep drivers from randomly using any fuel card that is not assigned to the vehicle they are driving.

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Card Management Quick-Fixes

iStock_000005311196_Small.jpgIt’s very easy to get sidetracked while multitasking and letting an unrecorded fuel card update pass by that sparks an endless string of errors in the transaction data. Sokolis Group Fuel Management is here to step in to manage a company’s fuel cards by maintaining the data to keep the reporting clean with the most current changes. Inaccurate records create inaccurate reporting, and one small slip-up could cause a lengthy process of unweaving an erroneous web stemming all the way back to the root of the problem.

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The Humming Sound of Winter

A winter power outage is no picnic – especially during a sub-zero arctic blackout. A standby generator is a great insurance policy against spending the night in a crowded hotel or, worse yet, a relative’s house. A generator is a handy item for many purposes. If you were one of the lucky ones as I was you were without power after the storm hit the Northeast beginning of February. So the purpose of my generator at that moment is providing power for my home. Lucky we have a natural gas generator hooked up to our house so with our 6 month old we are able to continue life as “normal” as you can with power. However as my husband would say your generator does need regular maintenance checks, to ensure that when you do actually need it, it will function as required. Here are some maintenance checks you should do to make sure your generator will work when you need it the most.

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Winter Weather Worries

The weather has been regularly hitting frigid temperatures, and people more than ever before have contacted Sokolis Group Fuel Management for assistance with their fleet of trucks. Some were lucky enough to escape the grasp of Old Man Winter, whereas others unfortunately waited until they were backed into a corner and already had an issue caused by the polar vortex. Please remember that it’s always better to be prepared when entering the winter rather than gambling with the “on a wing and a prayer” approach toward tackling the grueling winter season and the possible hardships faced with diesel fuel.

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Are You Overpaying Taxes on Fuel?

Periodically throughout the year, Sokolis Group gathers all of the changes made to taxes charged for fuel. It’s a tedious task to sift through the information scattered across the internet for each state. Even though there are web sites that consolidate fuel tax rates in one place, identifying potential exemptions takes more research than just glancing at summarized data. That usually means a visit to a state’s site and digging into their tax regulations.

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