Locked Down Fuel Networks

Years ago, companies were hesitant to direct drivers to fuel stop networks. They were fearful drivers would get upset and leave. Today we are facing the same issues we did back then. “Driver Shortage” But, a lot has changed since then. The need for a company to manage their fuel cost has become a necessity and drivers understand this more than they have in the past. Drivers have become accustomed to working at companies that lock down their fuel network. Many companies are using optimizers that give a fuel solution with each load dispatched.

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The Pump- April 2014

I recently attended the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) annual conference in Dallas less than two weeks ago. This was the first time Sokolis Group had participated. It was also the first time I’ve ever been in Texas and what they say about everything being bigger held true. The conference had a pretty good turnout. It wasn’t the biggest I’ve been to in terms of attendees, but it wasn’t the smallest either. The venue on the other hand was definitely gigantic!

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Crude Oil Continues Around $100

The price of crude oil has a direct correlation to diesel fuel prices. Over the past few months, crude oil has drifted above and below $100 given positive or negative information. Last week’s jobs report came out and showed strong job growth in the United States. While this is good news that more people are employed, it’s bad news for crude oil (prices went higher) because there will be more of a demand for diesel fuel and gas. Strong crude oil inventory numbers earlier last week made crude oil prices lower. To say it has been up and down for crude oil prices would be a correct statement.

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Is Fueling Time Impacting Your Drivers Availability?

Time is money, how many times have we all heard that? We all know it’s true, particularly when it comes to fleet management. The recent changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations have definitely created some challenges for companies that need to maximize their drivers’ productivity.

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