The Pump – June 2014

What is more economical for your fleet, a purchasing card (P-card) or a fuel card? It depends on the situation and the makeup of your fleet. Are you purchasing gas or diesel, or perhaps both? Are you a local fleet or traveling over-the-road? Class 8 tractors or pickup trucks? Do you need to report information to IFTA or track transactions for other reasons?

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Are The Fuel Markets Stable?

Why should stability be a precursor to instability?

A recent article in the Washington Post referred to the economist, Hyman Minsky, who explained, “Financial stability is destabilizing. The longer markets are calm, the more people plan on them staying that way. People take bigger risks and take on bigger debt because it doesn’t seem like anything can go wrong — until it does, and all this leverage turns small losses into big ones due to forced selling from margin calls.” Continue reading Are The Fuel Markets Stable?