Does Your Fuel Card Deserve Your Loyalty?

Does Your Fuel Card Deserve Your LoyaltyThere are loyal consumers that will only buy a Chevy, Ford, Mack, Freightliner or International. The loyalty usually comes from favorable experience, thus making them a vocal proponent of their product often boasting that fact with the donning of a hat or t-shirt with the manufactures logo on it. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of fuel card companies’ hats or t-shirts being sported by their clients. Fuel cards aren’t cool. There’s nothing exciting about them. They’re a necessity for effective fleet fuel management. But, just like your favorite truck, there are differences from one fuel card to another. Each one is best suited for a particular situation based on how it will be utilized.

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Do You Have a “Leak” in Your Bulk Fuel Tank?

iStock_000013704769_Small.jpgMany companies have determined that locating a bulk fuel tank in their own yard provides the most cost-effective method for their fleet fueling requirements. Bulk tanks certainly come with insurance and environmental challenges, but they can be overcome with careful planning. It’s also costly to purchase and install a bulk tank, but significant net savings may be achieved compared to alternative fleet fueling options assuming your tank doesn’t “leak.”

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