Is Fraud Impacting Your Fuel Costs?

Fleet ManagementEvery year, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports on the annual cost of fraud. And every year, the number is astonishing, in the trillions.

Vehicle fueling is a prime breeding ground for fraud, because it can be so difficult to monitor. For some employees, the notion of filling up their personal vehicle on the company’s dime is too great a temptation to pass up.

For fleet managers, a fuel card program offers them a way to bring basic accountability to fuel purchases. Continue reading Is Fraud Impacting Your Fuel Costs?

Introducing The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Bigger Bonuses

Fleet ManagementWe’ve been in the business of finding savings for fleet managers for 13 years now. And in that time, one thing we’ve heard again and again is that their efforts to find savings is one of the key factors on which they’re assessed.

For some, the ability to cut costs is often what decides whether they get a year-end bonus. That’s why we’ve created our new white paper, “A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Bigger Bonuses,” designed to help managers identify efficiencies and bring down costs, even after they think they’ve tried every possible strategy.

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Planning For the Future of Rising Fuel Prices

future fuel pricesAs a fleet manager, you need to know what your vehicles are doing today, while also asking yourself questions about what your fleet will look like five years down the road.

For example: What will oil prices be like in the future?

As Automotive Fleet’s Sherb Brown noted recently, fuel prices aren’t expected to increase too dramatically this year, and while that can have a negative effect on the economy, there’s also an upside for fleet managers. It means that the money you spend on fuel can be used elsewhere. Continue reading Planning For the Future of Rising Fuel Prices

Driverless Trucks – Fact or Fiction?

iStock_000082872367_Small.jpgGoogle has been testing its driverless car technology since 2009, but a recent report suggests self-driving cars have hit a bump in the road.

Google tests many of the cars in California, and the state requires the company to submit reports on the results of its experiments. According to the Motley Fool, the most recent results showed 341 disengagements. That’s Google’s term for a moment when the test drivers felt the need to take back control of the car, either because of a failure of technology, or because the driver felt unsafe allowing the car to drive on its own. Continue reading Driverless Trucks – Fact or Fiction?