Is Your Fuel Management Ready for Winter?

Every year the transportation industry faces new challenges during the winter months, and this year is no different.  Among those challenges, many states have mandated biodiesel blends while many have mandated idling restrictions. To add to that, fleet fuel prices are rising, and weather forecasters are predicting a colder and snowier winter than any in recent memory. And with the early showing of winter weather in many states, they may be right.

Truck breakdowns are certainly more prevalent during the cold winter months, and proper care and maintenance is critical to keep your fleet rolling. Here are a few tips that can help you stay on the road with as few problems as possible:

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Fuel Flash – January 2017


Happy New Year from Sokolis Group Fuel Management!

Oil prices traded in a narrow range around $52/barrel during December following a significant spike at the end of November.  The spike upward was due to an agreement by OPEC and other foreign countries to reduce oil production beginning January 2017.  The following graph shows the daily price movements over the past two months:


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