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Working With Your Drivers to Prevent Fuel Card Fraud

Fuel cards are one of the most convenient aspects of the modern trucking industry. They ensure that every driver can get fuel when they need it, don’t have to worry about receipts or reimbursement, and that all company-related refueling stops are charged to the correct account every time. Unfortunately, fuel card fraud is also one of the biggest problems faced by companies with fleets all over the world. From being used to fill non-fleet vehicles to actively being hacked by illegal card-skimming devices, your company could be losing hundreds to thousands of dollars every year to fuel expenses that aren’t being used to run your vehicles. Naturally, you need a prevention plan.

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Diesel Fuel Losses Happen Everywhere

It has always been known that diesel fuel losses take place. The issue most companies always thought they had in the past is how to control diesel fuel theft with their drivers. With truck drivers running around and fleet fueling prices going up and down, fuel theft should not be a surprise. Some companies are well aware of the problem and others aren’t.

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Love’s Travel Stops First Truck Stop

Love’s Travel Stops is the first truck stop in electronic payment system. Love’s Truck Stop is completing the addition of an RFID-enabled payment system at its truck stop locations, saying it’s the first travel stop company to give customers the ability to process payment at the diesel fuel island through radio frequency technology.

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Diesel Fuel Theft

Diesel fuel theft is an issue that affects all fleet managers. As diesel fuel prices rise fuel theft rises as well and this problem seems to be happening around the world. From drivers using skimming methods to third-party thieves siphoning fuel from parked trucks there are various ways fleet fuel theft can occur. Thankfully there are ways to catch some of this fuel theft.

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