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The Role of GPS in Fleet Management Tracking

Fleet Management TrackingGPS is a fact of life when it comes to a lot of modern technology. It’s in our cars, our cellphones. We even use it to help find lost pets.

But when it comes to fleet management, there are still some concerns about the role GPS tracking plays. GPS Insight recently looked at some of the biggest fears about GPS for fleets, and argued against them. 

Fear: It will make our employees feel like we’re spying on them, or we don’t trust them.

This is part of what GPS Insight calls “employee pushback”:

“The ‘Big Brother’ theory often gets thrown around in reference to GPS tracking, as well as concerns from employees who think GPS tracking invades their privacy or believe it to be a sign of distrust from management. A lot of fleet managers have close relationships with their drivers and may not feel it is necessary.” Continue reading The Role of GPS in Fleet Management Tracking