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Are The Fuel Markets Stable?

Why should stability be a precursor to instability?

A recent article in the Washington Post referred to the economist, Hyman Minsky, who explained, “Financial stability is destabilizing. The longer markets are calm, the more people plan on them staying that way. People take bigger risks and take on bigger debt because it doesn’t seem like anything can go wrong — until it does, and all this leverage turns small losses into big ones due to forced selling from margin calls.” Continue reading Are The Fuel Markets Stable?

Fleet Fuel Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Are You Sure About That?

In fleet fueling there are many ways your employees can steal fuel from you. Most companies truly believe, it can’t happen to me. There theory is we have someone that spot checks that information sometimes. Our drivers make good money they would never risk losing their jobs. Why would anyone want to steal from us, we take care of our employees. When it comes to fleet fuel the fuel is liquid cash when it comes to stealing. Everyone would like to believe they know their employees well enough to think that person won’t steal but it happens.

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Are You Fueling Good Today?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised its vehicle testing procedures in 2006 to help better reflect how people really drive in current conditions. The way you drive any vehicle affects how much fleet fuel you use, if you didn’t know. These new testing methods – whose results took effect with the 2008 model year – include factors such as high speeds, quick accelerations, air conditioning use and driving in cold temperatures. All of these items done incorrectly will cause your fuel management program havoc.

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How Could My Fuel Planning Be Effected

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sent its final greenhouse gas (GHG) endangerment finding to the White House Office of Management and Budget for a 90-day review and approval. Click here and there more about GHG. The agency’s action follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in April 2007 finding that GHGs are pollutants. What would this mean to your fuel management? Good question. Since a company that operates a fleet of trucks emits greenhouse gas it should be a concern. We have talk with government staff about fuel planning and what effects it could have on fleet fuel buying. Most suspect that there could be an additional tax put on fleet fuel, like diesel fuel and gas. This is Cap and Trade that has been talked about in the news.

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Household Energy Costs

When it’s cold outside do you dread going to the mailbox to get that energy or heating bill? Here at Sokolis Group we are used to finding fleet fuel discounts and matching clients with compatible fleet fuel cards. So what does a fuel management company do at home to combat the home energy issue, you’re about to find out!

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