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Fuel Management from a Finance Perspective

I recently joined Sokolis group and I’m very excited about the opportunity to work directly with our clients and prospects with their fleet fuel management programs. For the past 25 years, I’ve always been a finance guy in the back-office and enjoyed working with data. My career also included a number of years in the mobile fleet fueling industry. It was a great experience for me because there was plenty of data to look at; gallons, cents, miles, hours, etc. I prepared all kinds of analyze to help run the business and also helped clients understand what they were paying for fuel and where it was being used.

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Sandy Update

Supply disruptions from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter continue to cause supply problems along the East Coast. After the Northeast literally ran dry, the Southeast is now experiencing shortages as well. The tight supply is mainly due to the movement of product to resupply the hurricane affected areas in the Northeast, with long hauls and bulk shipments pulling product out of the Southeast over the last few days. Accordingly, terminals have reduced rack allocations in some markets in order to fulfill contract obligations. To put it into perspective, a normal carrier that makes an average of 6 deliveries in one day is currently making an average of 1 to 2 deliveries, experiencing long lines at terminals and having to drive longer than usual distances to make deliveries. As a result, logistics continue to be the name of the game in the tight markets, with multiple loads being shifted around to keep customers supplied.

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Traveling- Layovers, Delays, and Fuel Cost

I went on a business trip recently to the annual NPTC (National Private Trucking Council) conference in Cincinnati. It’s a great event for private fleets and surrounding industries. Every year it continues to grow and be very successful. This was my 2nd year attending, and I don’t see why I won’t be there the next few years. It’s a great opportunity to see people face to face, listen to great speakers, and learn the newest trends in the trucking industry.

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They’re Back High Diesel Fuel Prices

It wasn’t too long ago that fuel prices were lingering between $3.80 and $4.40 per gallon. At that point many companies took an aggressive stance on fuel conservation. However, for most it was just a flavor of the month. Many companies joined in on the U.S. EPA “SmartWay” bandwagon which is designed to improve fuel efficiencies and reduced the environmental impact. That is all well and good but unfortunately; if a company doesn’t have an aggressive fuel conservation program in place then being “SmartWay” certified should be considered consistent with permitting the tail to wag the dog or maybe ready, shoot, aim is a better metaphor. There
are numerous companies that pay an outside SMA (Subject Matter Expert) to fill out the required documentation. There obviously isn’t anything wrong with being “SmartWay” certified or using an outside resource to fill out the documentation. But the point is are you really impacting fuel economy or the environmental impact if you are not managing the one (1) factor that has a 30 to 35 percent impact of fuel economy, which is the driver? There is not one (1) single technology on the market that will have more of an impact than holding drivers accountable and since you’re now required to hold them accountable for safety (CSA 2010) why
not put the tools and controls in place to hold them accountable for fuel performance?

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Fleet Management, How About A Fuel Card or Mobile Fueling

Fleet cards, fuel cards and mobile fueling have become increasingly popular over the past few years for a vast array of reasons. They quickly and easily fleet companies employees to fueling up quickly or having their fuel savings come from a fuel companies, mobile fueling operation fueling.

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Diesel Fuel Prices Fly High In Fleet Fueling

U.S. retail diesel fuel prices have sold at a premium over gas throughout 2010, and petroleum market watchers said global competition for the fleet companies main fueling likely means that will not change any time soon not matter what mode your buying fuel cards, mobile fueling, fleet cards in your fuel management.

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Diesl Fuel Prices Keep Going Higher Tips To Keep Them Cool In Winter

As diesel fuel prices keep going higher all fleet companies need to take paths to achieve fuel savings. It seems every year the transportation industry faces new perils during the winter months and this year is no different. Currently the weather forecasters are predicting not only one of the coldest, but the snowiest in the last five (5) years. Among the challenges above and beyond the weather, diesel fuel prices are on the rise again and most states and many municipalities have mandated idling restrictions.

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