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Perseverance in Fleet Fuel Management

Headlines everywhere screaming gloom and doom; uncertainty in the Middle East, shaky stock market, oil prices up again week after week after week. And to pour salt on our wounds, the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) reported the second largest one-week increase in gasoline prices in past 20 years! This hurts the general public, but is especially painful to those of us in the fleet fuel management industry. People feel stuck, helpless. In the midst of all the bad news wouldn’t you like a glimpse good ol’ perseverance?

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Higher Diesel Fuel Prices Could Hurt National Recovery

The Department of Energy continued to boost its projected price of diesel fuel prices, saying it will average $3.40 this year — a jump of 17 cents from its forecast last month. We know or at least we should know by now that the DOE projections on fleet fueling costs are always lower and sometimes much lower than what our fueling expectation are for diesel fuel prices. The $3.40 projection is an increase from $2.99 average last year, DOE said in its monthly short-term energy outlook released Tuesday. The price will climb to an average $3.52 for diesel fuel prices in 2012, DOE said.

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Are you Ready for 2011, Fleet Fueling?

Do you know of any company raising their prices 16% in 2011? Are you kidding me? Most fleet companies are fighting to keep prices flat so they can retain their ever dwindling customer base. If gas prices keep soaring out of control, how is it going to be possible to make a profit in 2011?
According to AAA, average gas prices nationally topped $3 a gallon late last week, up 16 percent from $2.58 a year ago. In 2008, a gallon averaged just $1.60. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline has jumped more than 30 cents since Labor Day!

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